Mens 3rd Xl
Sat 17 Feb 2024  ·  North East Men's Division 4 Tyne
Newcastle Hockey Club
Mens 3rd Xl
Newcastle Medics 4
Newcastle 3s v Medics ?'s

Newcastle 3s v Medics ?'s

Brian Coult26 Feb - 09:18
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In a clash of sticks Newcastle 3s battled with Medics ?’s in What began as a promising display of attacking intent from Newcastle soon unfolded into a frustrating and heated game.

The game started with Newcastle frequently probing the Medics' defence, winning a few short corners along the way. However, despite their efforts, they struggled to find the target, their shots seemingly less accurate than a blindfolded archer shooting at the moon. However, Kurran did attempt to throw a hockey ball to the moon at one point, only for it to end up in the neighbouring football pitch.

As the match progressed, the Medics capitalised on their chances, scoring their first of three.

Soon after this, Hawkins scored a screamer of an equaliser from 15cm out! However, despite an effort from Newcastle, epitomized by Hawkins' goal at the back post, it wasn't enough to stage a comeback. Medics ?’s, as expected, suddenly became a lot better in the second half netting another two. Even Andy’s forehand volley clearance of the oppositions arial ball didn’t deter medics.

Though the result may not have been what the team had hoped for, the match provided its fair share of excitement. With lessons learned and cards earned spirits were undeterred, Newcastle 3s will regroup and set their sights on the next game at Medics’ home pitch also known as the beach.

MoM – Joel
DoD – Tom E
Goals – Hawks [Assist Matt W]

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Sat 17 Feb 2024




North East Men's Division 4 Tyne

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Newcastle 3
Newcastle Medics 4
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