Ladies 2nd XI
Sat 10 Feb 2024  ·  Women's Division 1
Newcastle Hockey Club
Ladies 2nd XI
Sheffield University Bankers 1
Pop quiz

Pop quiz

Emma Cragg12 Feb - 20:01
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Test your hockey knowledge with the 2s

In preparation for quiz night on Friday, here are two questions from the hockey round:

1) How many players on a hockey team?
2) What essential piece of kit is missing from this list: astros, shin pads, socks, gum shield, shirt, shorts/skirt…

On Saturday we discovered that some members of our team don’t know the answers... Anna, Rachel, care to explain your thinking?

Once we got over the shock of these revelations, we started the game playing our alternate formation - the W - with the intention that it gives us greater connection between the lines. However, it created an overload up front for opposition meaning defensively we started the game feeling overrun.

Sheffield won a couple of early short corners which they were unable to convert. However, minutes later, a mistake made by Craggs at the top of the D gifted the travelling team a free shot at goal which slipped by Maggie at the far post.

As we lined up for the restart the decision was made to switch to our usual diamond formation. The improvement was immediate - we mounted some strong attacks through Anne, Bobi and Lottie in the forward line, forcing saves and winning a couple of our own short corners. The fightback was definitely on as we headed in to the break.

Half time gave us a chance to reset and refocus. It showed as we went in to the second half playing much more fluid hockey.

Against the run of play, Sheffield won a short corner. A strike from left slip was heading like a missile into the goal at the back post. However, the ball's trajectory was halted by the post player's size 9 shoes and the inevitable penalty flick was awarded. In what seemed like slow motion, Maggie stretched out and blocked the ball just before it managed to creep beneath her.

Almost immediately the play was up the other end and when the ball got trapped under the keeper the umpires each signalled a different result. After consultation, a second flick was given. Emily stepped up to take it and stood back to watch as the ball appeared to be going in about a foot above the backboard, but the Sheffield keeper managed to get a strong stick to it just in time to keep the score at 1-0.

After the double flick excitement, there was a concerted effort to push forward for the equaliser. Alice found herself in the D on an overlapping run from wing-back, linking well with Chloe and Pippa. Alex made some important leads to offer additional options to play back and round, and returning to the team, Chell made some key passes to link play.

Limited options from a free hit in our defensive half led to a second critical mistake which handed the ball to the opposition. They used the overload to commit the remaining defenders and convert their second goal.

Still determined to get on the scoreboard, we reverted to a back three for last 5 minutes and put an extra player up front. Time wasn't on our side however and the whistle blew with the scoreline the same.

Thanks to Kev for stepping in to run the subs and offer tactical support.

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Sat 10 Feb 2024



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White shirt ⚪️
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Women's Division 1

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Sheffield University Bankers 1
Newcastle 2
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